During COVID-19 lockdown, we will be available for consultations from premises in Atholl, Sandton.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does medical aid cover chiro?
Yes, most medical aids cover chiropractic and our practice charges medical aid rates. We are however contracted OUT of medical aid schemes meaning that you settle your account immediately after the session and we provide you with an invoice to submit to your medical aid so they can reimburse you.

Is chiropractic safe?
Absolutely, there have been numerous studies on the safety and efficacy of chiropractic treatment making it one of the most popular choices for the treatment of various neuromusculosketal conditions

Is chiropractic treatment safe for pregnant women?
Yes, pregnant woman can be treated right up until full term. It is recommended that you inform your chiropractor if you are pregnant as certain treatment modalities will not be used in that case.

Does chiropractic treatment hurt?
Usually no, but as in cases regarding most manual therapies there may be mild post treatment discomfort but this usually lasts less than 24 hours if at all.

If your chiropractor is concerned and feels that chiropractic care is contraindicated, they wil readily refer to a suitable specialist.